Age: 32

Weight: 420

Height: 5'3"

Eyes: Hazel, sometimes more brown sometimes more green

Hair: Black

Bra Size: 50G

Shoe Size: 8.5W

Clothing: 4x/5x, 30/32-34/36

Favourite things:

Colors: Purple, Green, Silver, Black

Foods: Fajitas, Pasta, Pizza, Chinese, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Cupcakes, Ice Cream

Things: Music, Books, Video Games, Perfume/Body Sprays,Shoes, Lingerie, Clothes

Television: House, Supernatural, NCIS (I've been called a super-sized version of Abbey), Burn Notice

Music: I'm very open minded and have insane randome all over the map taste, I love most genres, except country, and I adore those underrated little known bands

Wishlist: Gift Cards to any plus size clothing site, prepaid credit cards, gift cards for restaurants, also I love surprises, and any gift would be appreciated and aknowledged

About me: I'm just your average silly, random, fun loving girl. I love life and all that it brings and has to offer. I love to laugh and joke around, but I also have a more serious, philosophical side as well. I will fully admit, I am a bit of a nerdy girl, and I embrace it. I love music, films, books, video games. I am a mid-western girl, born and raised. I love to eat, drink and have fun. I can be eccentric, and I love being unique and one of a kind, from my piercings and tattoos to my outlook on the world and life. I'm far from the barbie doll type, and much more your laid back girl next door. I have been called goth, a hippie, a gypsy, and a free spirit, and there are bits of all of those in who I am. Oh did I mention...I also happen to be a bit on the fat side. I love being ample, sexy, and beautiful. I love my body and everything about it.   I find the soft, round, curvy shape I have to be feminine, beautiful and sexy. I love it and would never change it or have it any orher way. I love sharing all the things I find so appealing and beautiful about me and love showing the world, a girl my size is just as sexy and beautiful. I look forward to sharing the unique personality and beauty that is me with all of you. I hope you all love and enjoy it as much as I do.

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