Hi my name is TNT.
I live in Syracuse, New York.
LIKES: People who are funny and laugh, children, family, traveling, reading a book, picnics, and meeting great new people!
PET PEEVES: Lying and cheating people.
HOBBIES: reading, traveling, walks, concerts and love going to museums.
FAVORITE MOVIES:Aliens,Ted, Nanny McPhee,Cabin In The Woods, Evita, Gone With The Wind, Wrath Of The Titans and  Thor, just to name a few of my personal favorites.
BUCKET LIST:  Go to NYC and sigh see,  go on an airplane ride, own a new car once in my lifetime,and  I want to be someone’s “pretty woman”.  My list just keeps going and going.
WISH LIST: A car (Hehe), gift cards to Biggalslingerie.com or Torrid, a smart phone, Ipad.  Really any gift you send me is wonderful and appreciated.
My friends say my best quality is: my laugh, my body and let’s not forget the killer smile (and I throw kick ass parties) !
This is a list of a few bits of  my personal life. I could go on and on, but it comes down to this, I am such an open book that if you want to know about me just ask. What’s the worst that can happen, I don’t answer?Which never happens.  I love to talk, so hit me up on my Yahoo IM or my personal email.  Let's meet and chat.


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