Age: 24
Weight: 365 and GAINING!
Height: 5'2
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Naturally Dark Brown
Bra Size: 52 DDD
Shoe Size: 8 1/2

I was born, and raised in Sunny california, but now live in green
country oklahoma. I am inspired by anything that is old hollywood, or
Pin-up girl style. I am a girly girly threw and threw I love shopping,
makeup, purses, and shoes the four essentials. I love to eat, and
LOVE TO GAIN. When a man wants to feed me, and spoil me with sweets
it's the biggest turn on. I love being a big girl and won't let
anyone change my mind about it. I am known to have a lot of attitude
but I consider it confidence. I am a smily, outgoing, funny type of
person. I also love to laugh. My hobbies include EATING, watching
movies, doing makeup, singing, dancing, also spending time with my
corgi, Truman.

Favorite Colors: Hot PINK and Black

Favorite Food: Tacos, Sushi, Chocolate, Anything sweet, cake, candy,
cookies, brownies…Love sweets…

Things I love: CHERRIES (anything cherries), California (the beach),
Nature, Traveling, and Animals.

Dislikes: People who aren't confident with who they are and take it
out on other people.

Music: Is a big part of my life…Im mostly into Rockabilly jams right
now but love hip hop, and R&B.

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Basically anything with shopping….
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Xbox 360
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