Name: T'Rina MsXXL
Hair color: Ever changing
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 440
Meassurments: 64-58-81 38 inch thighs
Hobbies: Art of all kinds, Reading, hanging out with friends, making clothes.
Favorite Foods: Thai, Chinese, Cajun BBQ and Mongolian Stir fry
Favorite Restaurants: Applebees, Romano's Macaroni Grill and Cheesecake Factory
Favorite Colors: Black, dark red, purple and Maroon
Things I Collect: Gothic stuff, Skulls, Anatomy books, Gargoyals, fancy candles, Art supplies, Make up and Gothy Jewlery.
Gift Cards from Wal-mart, Jo-anns fabrics, Target, Albertson's or Fred Meyer's grocrery stores or restaurants. Amazon, Love your Peaches and Lane Bryant. As well as club wear in 12X from
I love art, I studied it at Boise State University and loved it, wish I had more space and motivation to do the things I like art wise. Right now I am a Phone sex opperator but I hope to get out of that someday and only do it by special arrangement in the future. I love to read comedies and mysteries and I design and make Gothic outfits that I wear most of the time. I believe that "an undecorated life is not worth living" (name that quote) and show this by having fun with my clothing and hair color as well as my home.