NAME : Jiggly

Measurements: You will have to check out in a set...
Weight: To be seen in another set...
Height: ok... 5'7  
Age: 38
So much more of me to see!  You will get to see more and know
me more as you "check me out"!  
I have many loves and likes, as you can see I am a SUPERSIZE
lady, love who I am inside and out, love to be fed, love to eat,
love to see people happy, love to smile and love to be hugged!
I like to go out or stay in depends on what is going on..
Love to play games at pogo and checking out this world wide web.
"My glass is always half full"
Favorite words: Opportunity and Positive Attitudes
I love to be spoiled but then again... who does'nt?  Right?
Recipe of Me:
Food, Fat, Happy, Sweet, Round, Soft, Squishy, Heavy, Wiggly and Jiggly!!
Ok, if you are still reading my bio: my weight today is 607.. you got that!
I am a girly girl who loves to primp, jewlery that sparkles and yes my eyes
are true blue. 
See you around!!


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PO Box 7756
San Diego, CA

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