Name: Dankii =o)
Age: 19
Race: Hispanic
Weight: 370
Height: 5'2
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Natural light brown, dyed blonde and black
Date of birth: December 13, 1988

I live in the oh so hot SoCal. I'm a true animal lover, vegetariain and reptile lover. I adore puppies!
I'm currently going to school for my AA in Psychology, so yes, I'm educated =oP
I love meeting new people and getting to know different personalities, especially funny ones.
I have both sides of my lip and my nose pierced and in the process of stretching my ears.
No tattoos yet but they are something I want to invest in. I'm also addicted to my sidekick!(phone)

Hobbies: Guitar, Bass, writing and texting lol

Favorite Colors: Green! I love green! Pink&black.

Favorite Food: Thai food, cheese pizza, cucumber sandwiches and ice cream

Things I love: Talking, ZEBRA PRINT, animals, snakes, Make up, big sunglasses(weird I know),
rain, cold weather, piercings, tattoos.

Things I hate: Rude, dishonest, weak people who lack common sense.
Hunters, animal abusers, the sun, gossip and todays television shows.

Music: Metallica, Pantera, Rancid, The transplants, Misfits, Elvis, Ritchie Valens, Stray Cats,
Tiger army, Big bad voodoo daddies, Cherry poppin' daddies, Kottonmouth Kings, Potluck, Rehab,
Atmosphere, Kingspade, Sinatra, Buddy holly, Koffin Kats and many more.

Gift cards from MAC make up, torrid, fashion bug, lane bryant or Target
Anything Zebra print
Anything that has to do with animals! just not a dead one.....

bbw model