Age:  32
Weight: 700 pounds 
Eyes: change color from light blue to grey to green
Hair: Brownish red
Bra Size: 56G
Hips: 103 inches
From lef hip around belly to right hip: 63 inches
Arms: 23 inches
Calves: 33 inches
Thighs: 44 inches
Chest:  63 inches
Clothing Size: 8x - 9x
Music: Just about any kinds as long as there is a story and meaning behind it.
T.V.:  House, Bones, Food Network, some paranormal shows
Hobbies: chatting online, writing stories, songs, and poetry, cooking and baking, board games, and anything friends and I decide to do.
Dislikes: Closemindedness, snootiness,
Favorite color: purple
 I'm your average gal next door with a devious twist. I adore being fat! I'm still gaining and I love it! I think there is nothing sexier than extra curves. Handle with care though, this many curves and folds can be dangerous. ;)  When I'm not in the kitchen cooking or baking, you can find me enjoying the benefits of good home cooking. I love chatting with people from all over the world. In my free time I enjoy good conversation and laughter. I love going out in public and seeing peoples reactions. I've been known to sit at a buffet for a few hours eating and enjoying good conversation. Despite my size I am still very active and I take pride in that.

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