Age: 30
Weight: Members Only
Eyes: Green
Hair: Varies
Bra Size: 50DDD-50H
Shoe Size: 11w
Clothing: 4x/5x 30/32
About Me:
Great things come in big packages, and I'm living proof. I'm a super sized Canadian girl who loves her size, and everything that comes along with it. My favourite body part is my gorgeous, huge belly, and I can never tire of rubbing it and jiggling it. I wish each of you could feel just how soft it feels when you rub your hands over it! I can't get enough! My belly isn't the only part of me that is large and lovely though, from my chunky arms and large breasts, to my ample thighs and butt, there ins't anything on me that can be described as small, as you will see when you take a peak inside. I want to share my love for my body through this site, and I hope you'll grow to love it just as much as I do!!!
What else should you know about me? Well, I love being spoiled and catered to in every way. Because of that, I'm often spoiling myself, buying as much makeup, clothes, shoes, and other pretty things as I can afford. Nothing turns me on more than being showered with presents either. Of course, I also spoil myself when it comes to indulging my appetite for my favourite foods. I love to eat brownies, cupcakes, pizza, pasta, and pretty much any mexican food. Hey...I didn't get this smokin' body by munching on lettuce, right?
Favourite things:
Colors: Pink & Purple
Foods: Fajitas, Brownies, Cupcakes, Pizza, Lasagne, Garlic Bread
Things: Makeup, Body Sprays, Wigs, Shoes, Lingerie, Clothes
Music: I'm pretty open minded, but I tend to follow the top 40's
Wish List:
Gifts Cards for any Plus Size Clothing Store
Prepaid Credit Cards
Any gift would be greatly appreciated and acknowleged
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